val de caire summer 2022

Summer 2022: information and vacations

Hello everyone,

Here's some news and information about our summer schedule.


As you've probably noticed, this will be a very special year. The lack of rain in spring and the early heat mean that the harvest will be early. For the moment, our vines are doing well 🙂


Unfortunately, we won't be able to organize it again this year, and we're sorry for all those who asked us to. We'll be away on our usual date (the first Saturday in August, this year the 6th), and there's no other option open to us.


Cancelled two years ago, it will take place on Sunday July 24th in the streets of the village with the participation of about twenty winemakers, as well as craftsmen of the region in a festive atmosphere! We look forward to seeing you at our stand 🙂


The winery will be closed from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th July. And we'll be on vacation from Wednesday August 3rd to Thursday August 18th inclusive.


We hope to see you soon and wish you a wonderful summer!

Yours sincerely

Guillaume and Véronique

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