When I bought the vineyard in 2003, my focus was to respect the soil and let it fully express itself. I improved the vineyards architecture and applied organic fertilization technics. I also spent countless time observing the lands and the vines evolution in the complex and diversified soils I was offered. 


For years I tried to master my vineyard and I am now able to define very precisely the wine I want to create for you. Its a wine from the soil, a wine grower wine, and most of all it is my wine.


Every day I try to improve my wines through organic farming taking into account the influence of the moon and planets on processes in the vineyards and in the cellar..


To be a wine grower is a passion and a job where, in the end, nature is always right. 

I will be very pleased to welcome you in storehouse where you will taste all my wines in a friendly and typical atmosphere.